Shipping & Delivery

Can i use POD option for Pick-up point orders?

No, you need to prepay using debit/credit card to avail our pick-up point service.

Track your package

Find the tracking information of your package in the Your Order section.

Want to track a package? Find tracking information and other details from Your Orders

Find a missing package

What to do if your package shows as delivered but you can’t find it.

Note: If your order consisted multiple items and only few were delivered to you, it is possible that the other items in your order were dispatched in another shipment. Click on the following button to confirm the same: Your Orders

If yes, track the shipment from there to know its status.

If that’s not the case:

  • Check the delivery notification from your message center to see if the package was accepted by either your friends or family.
  • Wait until the end of the day (9pm) – In some rare scenarios, the delivery agent might accidentally mark your package as delivered, while it is still in transit.
Our courier partners

We use several couriers to deliver your packages. You can find contact information about the varios couriers on this page.

Shipped by Adezon – Contact Adezon

Nepal Can Move – Contact number 015199684

Fast Movers – Contact number  9801848653

Undeliverable packages

Sometimes, packages may be returned to us as they are deliverable

A package may be undeliverable if:

  • The package is damaged in transit
  • Delivery is refused by the recipient
  • The address given is incorrect. Always check your address before placing an order.
  • Nobody is available to accept the delivery after multiple attempts
  • Due to local and regional knockdowns, our ability to deliver packages is impacted in affected areas. In order to help prevent Corona Virus spread, we are constantly working with local authorities to ensure we have necessary clearances and passes while adding in more cities to resume services gradually.

All undeliverable packages will be returned to us and a full refund will be processes (if the payment is already made)

Our courier partners will not be able to retrieve and deliver an undeliverable package even if it is at a local courier station. Please re-order the item if you still wish to purchase the item.