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About Pay on Delivery

‘Pay on Delivery’ (POD) includes Cash on Delivery (COD) as well as additional digital payment facilities; eSewa and Khalti.

Pay on delivery is available as a payment method for all items that are fulfilled by Adezon and Delivery by Adezon items.

Pay on Delivery orders ca be paid using Cash or other digital payment methods using eSewa and Khalti. Please check with the delivery associate if you can pay using eSewa and Khalti.

How to pay using digital payment facilities:

  1. Ask your delivery agent if digital payment method is available.
  2. Login to your account and go to Your Orders
  3. Select your order and tab Pay
  4. Select your payment method and complete payment using your eSewa or Khalti mobile wallet.
  5. Post successful payment, you will get a confirmation message.

we only collect the amount printed on invoice.


  • ‘Pay on Delivery’ is not yet available for all locations.
  • ‘Pay on Delivery’ will not be available if your order value exceeds Rs. 50,000.
  • ‘Pay on Delivery’ will not be available for some items.
  • ‘Pay on Delivery’ will not be availabe for orders which includes items sold by Global Store.
  • For some orders placed using Pay on Delivery as payment method will be verified through a call before shipment.
  • If you’re using Pay on Delivery as a payment method and your mobile number is not verified on Adezon, you will receive a call from Adezon to verify your mobile number.

Here are social istancing guidelines to be followed at doorstep:

  • On arrival, the Delivery Associate (DA) will place package/delivery on the floor in front of your door.
  • The DA will ring bell or knock on the door ans step back a minimum of 2 meters / 6 feet from the door.
  • In case of digital payment facilities, you will require to use either eSewa or Khalti. Once payment is succesful, the DA will request you to collect the package.
  • I case of Cash on Delivery(COD), you have to place the money on the top of the package ans step back by 2 meters / 6 feet while the DA collects the cash. In case of change to be returned, the DA will place the change on top of package, step back by 2 meters / 6 feet and request you to collect the change and package/delivery.
Availability of Pay on Delivery

The pay on Delivery option might not be available for your order due to several reasons.

Here are some of the reasons you might not be able to place an order using the Pay on Delivery option:

Item not eligible: All fulfilled by Adezon along with delivery by Adezon Orders are eligible for Pay on Delivery. Items that do not have the ‘Pay on Delivery Eligible’ message on thier respective product detail pages, will not be eligible for Pay on Delivery.

Over value exceeds limit: Pay on delivery is available only on orders fulfilled by Adezon and Delivery by Adezon orders worth Rs. 50,000 or less

Delivery address not eligible: Pay on Delivery is not yet available for all locations.

Pay on Delivery Terms & Conditions

The availability of the Pay on Delivery option is subject to the Pay on Delivery terms & conditions.

  • Pay on delivery can be used as payment method only for an order not exceeding Rs. 50,000.
  • The order amount has to be paid in full before receiving the package and signing the delivery sheet. The package can be opened only after the payment is made.
Payment Issues

Payment made on Adezon could sometimes fail or remain in a pending stage.

Payment could fail due to the following reasons:

  • You accidentally entered incorrect eSewa or Khalti’s login username or password.
  • eSewa or Khalti is going through an outage.
  • You accidently closed/refreshed the page or pressed backspace while the transactions was being processed by eSewa or Khalti.
  • The connection between adezon and eSewa or Khalti failed due to some technical issues and transaction could not be completed.
  • Your eSewa or Khalti’s account may be blocked for online transactions.
About pricing

Items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most recent price displayed on the item’s product detail page. All prices are listed in Rupees (Rs.).

Pricing: All prices are listed in Rupees. Price displayed is inclusive of all taxes at the appropriate rate. Items in your Shopping Cart will always reflect the most recent price displayed on the item’s product detail page. Please note that this price may differ from the price shown for the item when you fist placed in it your cart. Placing an item in your cart does not reserve the price shown at that time. It is also possible that an item’s price may decrease between the time you place int in your basket and the time you purchase it.

About Price Matching: Adezon doesn’t offer price matching for any items sold by any seller on our website or other websites.

Promotions and Deals

Adezon may have several ongoing promotions, with benefits like gift cards, reward points, review discounts, cash back and others. Some of the periodic promotions that are run include Amazing Deals Everyday, Super Value Day, reward point and cash back promotions.

Adezon runs periodic promotions all year round. customers can benefit from discount, reward points, cashbacks, Gift Cards offers as well as partner promotions. Here are some of the current periodic promotions active on the site.

Super Value Day: On the 1st and 2nd of every month, adezon runs Super Value Day promotion. Customers who shop for items in the Super Value Store up to particular order amounts, are entitled to receive Gift Cards. While the terms and conditions of the offer may differ slightly every month, usually the Gift Cards are credited to customer accounts within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Reward Points: Reward Points promotions are periodically run on Adezon that provide a points for every purchase made by customer. Usually, the eligibility for the reward points is a successful order placement.

About Adezon Coupons

Frequently asked questions about Adezon Coupons

What is a Coupon?

These are the discoount coupons that are listed on certain products offered by select sellers. These coupon can be collected from the coupons homepage. The coupon discount applies on the price of the qualifying product, at checkout

Are these coupons available on all products?

These coupons are currently available on certain products offered by select sellers.

How can i redeem these coupons?

Please enter this coupon number in the Coupon code box and tab “Apply coupon” during checkout at DELIVERY METHOD step. A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount.

Do all the payment methods qualify for the coupon discount?

Yes, all payment methods qualify for the coupon discount.

What happens if i want to return the item purchased using Coupon?

If you return the items purchased with a discount coupon, you will receive the amount paid by you as a refund as per the Adezon’s Return Policy.

If I collect a coupon and purchase multiple quantities of the item, will i get the coupon discount on all items?

No. The coupon discount will be applied only one unit of your purchase. E.g., if you collect a Coupon of 10% off on item X worth Rs.100 and you go on purchasing 4 units of items X for Rs.400, you’ll get a total discount of Rs.10 only and not Rs.40.