Shipping and Delivery
Track your order

To track your packages, go to Your Orders and tap the order to be tracked.

Check refund status

To check refund status go to Returns & Refunds.

For more details on the refund timelines, please visit the Adezon Returns & Refunds Policy.

Cancel order

To cancel order, go to Your Orders and call Customer Service at 9801880900 for Request Cancellation.

Return/replace item

To return/exchange item, go to Your Orders, view the order to be return/exchange and tab Ask for a refund option.

You may request returns for most items you buy from sellers listed on Adezon that are within the return window, except those that are explicitly identified as not returnable on the product detail page and/or Adezon Returns & Refunds Policy.

Add/update address

Before placing an order, to add a new address or update/delete an existing one, go to Your Addresses option.